John’s First Birthday

John’s first birthday party was so much fun. It was dog-themed, as John’s first word was “doggie.” He did much better with a cookie cake than with the cake I baked him for his cake smash! No tears. Except maybe from Mama.


Here is the video we played of John’s first year:

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Cake Smash

I attempted a “cake smash” session for John’s 1st birthday…John did NOT enjoy the frosting. At all.


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John loves his bath toys!


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My day at Nene & Baba’s, by John Skillman

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My cousins Nathan & Abby are visiting from North Carolina with my Auntie Joy! Today it was a rainy day, so we decided to hang out at Nene & Baba’s house. First Abby played on the floor with me. Then … Continue reading

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“I don’t want mom’s pictures to mislead you. It isn’t all cute stuff. Sometimes dad drags me to battlefields.

What a nerd.”


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Sunday Morning Snuggles

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This morning, we stayed home from work and church, and snuggled in bed for a good hour. I gave John his new toy that I bought late last night with almost-expired Kohl’s cash, and he loved it.  I opened the … Continue reading

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Little Man.

I got this Orioles onesie and shorts from a mom selling her son’s outgrown clothes. $2! We aren’t too into baseball, but we put the O’s game on now and then. (These are size 12 months–John is only 7 months old!)


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7 Months Old!

Our John-John is 7 months old! He started really getting chatty yesterday when we picked him up from church nursery. Bababababaa gagagagaaa and even ONE “mama.” He knows the words “milk” and “doggie.” He’s spinning on the ground to get what he wants, but he can’t crawl yet. He is pretty good at sitting up on his own now.

DSC_4785 copy

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Doggie Bum.

I just love his little feet, and try not to think of the day he won’t have doggies, bears or cars on the seat of his little pants…



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